Saturday, April 11, 2020

1902 Horse Racing Recap

Another year has come and gone for the Triple Crown in horse racing. While no horse has been able to capture all three jewels yet, there were still some impressive performances in the major races this year.  Let's take a look back at what happened.

1902 Kentucky Derby

While last year's Derby featured five horses, the field was even smaller this year, featuring only four participants.  At the betting office, the field of four seemed more like a field of three, with Alan-a-Dale, The Rival and Abe Frank all seeing similar action.  The final horse, Inventor, came into the race as an 11-1 underdog, and Abe Frank went to the post as the favorite.

When the race began, it was Alan-a-Dale and Abe Frank that got off to quick starts, leaving The Rival and Inventor behind.  As the four horses reached the halfway post, Alan-a-Dale pushed in front of Abe Frank, and Inventor was making a big push along the outside.  Eventually, Inventor passed Abe Frank, and it came down to he and Alan-a-Dale when Abe Frank tired down the stretch.  Alan-a-Dale's lead was considerable, though it shrank when he began to slow up himself.  However, Inventor's jockey waited too long to make his move, and Alan-a-Dale still crossed the finish line first, taking the Kentucky Derby.

Final Race Standings:
Win-Alan-a-Dale (2:05.8)
Show-Abe Frank

Alan-a-Dale, the winner of the 1902 Kentucky Derby

1902 Preakness Stakes

An expanded field of seven horses came to Gravesend Track for another running of the Preakness Stakes.  Despite what appeared to be a heavy, wet track, expectations were high for a competitive race.  Old England and Namtor were strong favorites heading into the race, with two other horses, Major Daingerfield and Hindred getting some action at the window behind them.  Bonmot, Barouche and Sun Shower rounded out the field, and were seen as major underdogs as the race began.

Sure enough, the event quickly turned into a two horse race, with Old England and Major Daingerfield pulling ahead of their opponents.  Hindred and Namtor attempted to make up for lost time, and they started to close on the two lead horses, but there just wasn't enough track.  The wet conditions kept the other five horses from making up enough ground, so it came down to Old England and Major Daingerfield down the stretch.  Major Daingerfield pulled ahead for a moment, but a hard crack of the whip from Old England's jockey put his horse in front again, and Old England pulled away in the final eighth of a mile, winning by a length and a half.

Final Race Standings:
Win-Old England (1:44)
Place-Major Daingerfield

1902 Belmont Stakes

A strong field of six horses came to Belmont Park for the final race of the Triple Crown in 1902.  Though there was no chance for a Triple Crown winner, attendees were hopeful for a good race from the horses.  Compute was listed as a heavy favorite entering the race, and he was followed by King Hanover and Masterman.  Rounding out the field were longshots Whiskey King, Igniter and Renald.

Disaster was narrowly avoided early in the race, when Compute just missed running into Whiskey King at full speed.  The event still forced Compute's jockey to pull up, slowing the race favorite for just a moment and allowing Masterman and King Hanover to pass him.  Masterman and King Hanover raced neck and neck down the final quarter-mile, with Compute quickly making up ground.  Eventually, Masterman pushed ahead, winning the Belmont Stakes by a half a length in a close finish over King Hanover.  Compute finished in third, five lengths behind, while Igniter finished fourth, Renald fifth and Whiskey King, who never fully recovered from the near collision with Compute, finished last.

Final Race Standings:
Win-Masterman (2:20)
Place-King Hanover

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